About Us

In 1976 George S. Smith formed the CPA firm known as George S. Smith INC. Its has been growing ever since. In 2004 it was then passed down to his two sons, Charlie and Richard Smith. In 2012 Richard Smith founded Allied Payroll Solutions.

Allied Payroll Solutions is located in Chicago land Orland Park, IL and is a major regional payroll provider in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, and Wisconsin. No matter what state your business is in, you can count on Allied Payroll Solutions.

Allied Payroll Solutions (APS) is a fully equipped payroll provider that was created to service the high demand of diserning clients with a great price and personalized service. Not every business or business owner is the same, and payroll requirements vary from company to company.

From pencil and paper to phone apps and direct deposits, APS is flexible enough to handle any payroll in any fashion.

The company offers a wide range of electronic payroll, human resource, and time and attendance solutions from small to large businesses.

Over the years, Allied Payroll Solutions has kept its integrity, accuracy, and personalized service the number one priority while increasing its variety of options to handle any payroll needs the clients may need.

Why Choose Allied Payroll Solutions?

Simplicity, Accuracy, Integrity

Many businesses are turning to outsourced payroll services due to the high cost of running payroll in-house, and uninsured payroll mistakes, which lead to tax penalties and interest.

AT APS we know how valuable each business owner’s time is. Some of our clients had payroll staff working on all of their payroll needs. Including an IT team to just handle hardware, software, and time clocks. After finding out the price points of our services these owners took people out of their payroll department and moved them to other divisions were they would best be needed. Instead of, hiring, training, and insuring more employees.

Allied Payroll Solutions believes that each business owner’s time is limited and taking care of tax penalties, and writing checks should be a weight lifted and one less chore for you to do

Allied Payroll Solutions is always there for when a client calls with a question, no matter how hard or simple it is.

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