The Guide to the Best Payroll Service in Chicago

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Benefits of Using a Payroll Service
December 10, 2016

The Guide to the Best Payroll Service in Chicago

Allied Payroll Solutions

Looking for a Local Payroll Service in Chicago?

This is the only guide that you need then Payroll management is one of the more pertinent business activities that needs managers’ attention. With the payroll tax penalties on a surge, the role of effective payroll processing plays an important role to avoid tax authorities to scavenge on your hard-earned money.

Taking care of payroll is essential and there are many important reasons. First, you are accountable to the tax authorities, so proper accounting and entries would mean avoiding hefty payroll tax penalties if you are estimating the figures incorrectly. Then, it also impacts the livelihood of the people who have been working to take care of their families. So ensuring that you are performing payroll processing the right way is not just a legal, but social responsibility too.

If you don’t where to get the best payroll service, check out this guide from Allied Payroll Solutions — it’s everything that you need to know about handling payroll properly. Our purpose here is keep you posted with as many things as possible, and if there is something that you still couldn’t grasp, give us a call and we will take care of that.

Know What You Need in a Payroll Service
You don’t want to keep accounts of everything just to screw them up. However, screwing your account and getting penalized go hand-in-hand, as around 1/3 businesses have been facing penalties due to payroll errors. Doing payrolls all by yourself could lead to a lot of errors, and not just that, it could also mean spending hours and hours doing all the hard work all by yourself. For this reason, many business owners are preferring to outsource their payroll services as it brings more accuracy and accountability.

A good Chicago payroll service would mean getting checks to your employees and IRS on time, so much of the burden is lifted off your shoulders. However, even that all those payroll checks maybe going out of your hand, it’s still a lot of sensitive information that you are handing over to someone. That’s why, picking a reliable payroll company would save you a lot of trouble.

By knowing what you need exactly would prevent you from getting over-served which is a possibility. For instance, some Chicago payroll services would offer you bundle packages that would include human resource capabilities too. So it’s necessary that you know what you want to avoid paying for unnecessary services.

To start off, map out a list of services that you would need over the course of a year. You have to ask yourself how much you are willing to grow. Then, you also need to know how many full-time and part-time employees you are planning to have on your payroll, including contract employees. If there are some bonuses or raise due for some employees, you also have to take note of that. And lastly, you also need to know how often would you be issuing check to your employees.

Chicago Payroll Service and Pricing
Once you sort out the aforementioned, your search will automatically be narrowed down to a few payroll services.

Remember that there are three things that your payroll service should be doing for you: To pay the employees on time; to pay the incurred payroll taxes, and to file your payroll tax forms within the right time. These services need to be compliant with the law too, and if you aren’t taking care of the last two, that’s when you are fined.

Other services that you may need include, direct deposit, online time tracking, online pay stubs, and so on.

The most important thing that you have to consider is whether the payroll services you are getting offers web platform. This ensures that all the entries that were made by you in the system are the entries that they will get to processing. Sometimes, payroll services do that by reentering the data manually. This means, a big possibility for human error.

The pricing is sometimes the most important part and this is where you have to do all the cross-comparison and pick the payroll service that provides the highest features/price ratio. But there is another factor that could determine your payroll service provider, and i.e. the packages. Some payroll services providers would encourage you to pay upfront for the whole year to get the maximum savings on your subscription, while others could charge heftily over a shorted subscription period. so it’s necessary you know beforehand the duration of the services required and the pricing too.

Questions to Ask
We have compiled the list of questions that you have to interview your top options. check them out:

• What is the turnaround rate?
• If there is some error in the service, who will take the responsibility?
• How much time would it take to fix the problem?
• If you want to change the payroll, will there be any additional charges?
• Do the annual fees change? If yes, how are they going to increase?
• When would you be getting the reports from the payroll service provider.
• Are there any retirement plans offered?
• Can they integrate their payroll software with your accounting software?
• Do they offer customer support? If yes, what are the serving hours?
• Will you have a representative or will you be directed to a new attendant every time.
• If you have to file taxes in different states, would that cost extra?
• If all the data is reentered, is there anyway I would be able to review all that?

Take a Test Drive
Before finalizing your payroll service from all the payroll companies in Chicago, it’s also important that you get the quote for the coming year too, as this will help you determine if you will be able to afford these services in the coming year or not.

If the payroll service that you have on your list could provide some demo of their services, that would be great, because that’s the only way for you to check if all that you were told over emails or phone calls was true or not. Doing so would also help you determine if the services you are going to hire are user-friendly or not.

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